New Collection riding the Spring breeze

Over the winter some design ideas have been percolating, and the recent bursts of spring have edged me into the production of some of these new pieces.  I love this phase.  It’s thrilling…pulling muses into matter. My hands are loving it.

The starting point for this small collection was having stumbled across the wonderfully strappy, bondage-inspired collection of handmade lingerie, Hopeless, by Gabrielle Adamidis of Melbourne, Australia.  I have been loving these pieces—-the minimalism, repeating lines, hints of kink.  Sexy.


Taken with this aesthetic, I’ve been digging up other images of architecture, garmentry, leather work, bondage gear, horse tack, and rigging that are of a similar nature.  Check out the inspiration board to which I’ve been pinning on Pintrest, to take a look at some more of the visual inspiration behind this new collection of work currently in bloom.

Sneak peaks of some new pieces will be popping up over the coming weeks as I gear up for the Halifax Crafter’s Spring Market coming up on May 4th & 5th.  I’m aiming to have some of this new work ready for release by then…Keep your eyes peeled.