MId-Summer Grind

What?!  August???!?  

This summer has been a runaround.  An unpredictable and chaotic whirling together of all the facets.  So be it.

A few snippits of jewellery shennanegans…

You can now get your hands on Fervour’s Own Jewellery at Lady Luck Boutique in the Hydrostone (Halifax).  This lovely shop is owned and run by two charming sisters who sound remarkably alike (my ears are sharp), and is full of all sorts of jewellery and an impressive selection of hats.  Drop in for an eyefull.


Also, I sent a small collection of FOj earrings to Salty Rose’s Local Art & Craft Shop in Ingonish, Cape Breton.  This sweet little craft shop along the Cabot Trail, is owned and operated by Caitlyn Purcell of Caitlyn Rose Jewellery with whom I had the pleasure of sharing my studio space over the past winter.  If you happen to be hitting up the Highlands this summer, this would be a great place to stop and check out some local craft talent.

I’ve been busy at my bench this summer designing and working on a couple sets of wedding rings.  This has been quite a pleasure, mostly as a result of getting to work with such lovely people.  In each of these cases, I’ve been given old family jewellery to work with for materials, which is one of my favorite things…  Being able to produce new pieces that are designed specifically for and with the clients, with materials that are being re-purposed and which carry with them their own stories and histories. I will be posting photos of the rings (before and afters!) soon, so you can see the transformations.

July brought with it an unexpected trip to Toronto (during the heatwave) to spend some time with family there.  It was both a sad and precious visit, as we soaked up some time with a passing grandparent.  Good visits were had by all, and a few adventures out into the city streets were made.  I was ABSOLUTELY THRILLED to discover that Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller had an exhibition, Lost in the Memory Place, up at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO). During my last stint of studies at NSCAD and in the years after graduating, prior to returning to jewellery making, my interests and personal art practice focused on sound/installation work.  These two artists and their work have been so influential to me over the years and this was the first time I have had the opportunity to visit an exhibition of theirs in person (other than Janet Cardiff’s 40 Part Motet at the Saint Mary’s Art Gallery some years back…).  What a treat. I was just blown away.  And, though my creative work is taking on a different form these days, I hold strong to the idea of someday diving back into sound and installation exploration.  In the meantime, seeing work such as this serves as much savoured fuel for the (general) creative fire that heats up my everyday, and I eagerly soak it up.