It has been a full and whirlwindish summer and fall.  Two full shifts of season have cycled through and I've been consumed in the studio with a wonderful slew of custom orders---Thanks folks!  It is such a pleasure to put my hands, heart and energy to your special pieces.  Especially those of you I've worked with to pull into being small but solid and visual representations your beautiful and resilient queer love.  Hmmmm, it is such an honour.

I will be dropping photos of some of this work onto the website sometime soon.


COMING UP, I'll be doing two Holiday craft show this season:

1. The Dartmouth Makers, Nov 25 & 26 2016

2. The Halifax Crafters Winter Market, Dec 2,3 & 4, 2016

Both of these shows are always friendly, free, and full of lovely things. Please do come to say Hi.