Fervour's Own is a collection of jewellery for all genders designed and made in K'jipuktuk/Halifax, Nova Scotia by Kiersten Holden-Ada.

This work, of and for the body, is an exploration of multiplicity, experimentation and the blurring of binaries.  Utilizing combinations of textures, materials & the use of positive/negative space to reflect an embodiment of the in-between, Fervour’s Own Jewellery is a subversion of either/or.

Hey there! I’m Kiersten and I’m the dirty hands & active mind (or vise versa…) behind this work. I was born and raised on the prairies (Treaty 2 territory) and have moved eastward, swapping the dry air and big skies for the oceanside.

I studied as an interdisciplinary artist at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in K'jipuktuk/Halifax from 2002-2009, and have been producing this line of jewellery work since 2011. It is an honour to be working in close relationship with the body & the elements, and I consider hand-making one facet of a committed embodiment practice.

The process of developing this work/practice has been integral to my embracing the liminal and expansive aspects of myself as a queer, non-binary person. With jewellery and adornment serving as an element of self-expression—the means by which we present/perform our often varied, complex, and intertwining identities—I aim to make wearable pieces that reflect some of the tension, contrast and balance we all embody to some degree.  Adornment that is, in some small way, a declaration and celebration of the ways in which we each mix it up.